Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a calculator is for.

A calculator is for counting blessings. Have you ever looked in your closet and said "I have nothing to wear!" Well when you feel saying that  remember that some people have nothing to wear. Maybe your thinking "What can i do to help?" Well if you don't want to take a 2 day trip to India what you can do is pray. All you have to do is talk to god and ask him to be with the people in the countries that have had tornados, hurricanes and things like that. And some countries won't allow people to talk about jesus!

Here are some specific places you could pray for: Japan, India, and springfield, MA

    Thank you for praying from Hope!



  1. Hi Hope! :) It's Jessica. Great blog, honey! Thanks for reminding us about what's really important. I just prayed for all 3 of those places, thanks to YOU! See you soon!

  2. A great blog! Keep it write so well - it's wonderful to see!
    Aunt Anne