Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 3rd

Yesterday i went to the beach it was really fun! I made a sand turtle!  I always love beaches because i love playing in the water and then just sitting and listening to the waves crash on the beach to me its one of the most calming things in the world just like reading when i'm having a bad day all i have to do is read and then its like it never happened! Speaking of reading i read this book testerday called "Katie Kazoo Bad Rap"   and it had a craft of  how to make your own kazoo!

                                           Here is what you will need                     

                                               tiolet paper roll

                                                  contact paper


                                                   waxed paper

                                                 rubber band


                                               This is what you do

                       1.   Cover the toilet paper roll with contact paper.
                  2.   Punch three small holes in the roll with the scissors.
            3.   Cut a small piece of waxed paper and fit it tightly over the end.
               4.   Use the rubber band to secure the waxed paper to the tube.
                      5.   Now hum into the open end and there you go!

                                                Thats all 4 now!





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